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The Common Thread-India ministry had its humble beginning as a vision of John Arun Kumar, facilitating pastor in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Through his association with a small sewing group in the Willamette Valley, Common Thread-India has grown in a way that only God could have provided.

Starting in India in 2017 with only 13 treadle-style sewing machines distributed at 6 different locations, and shared by approximately 60 women from varied religious backgrounds, the ministry was initiated. It has now grown in excess of 300 women (and men) using 105 treadle machines in 21 locations (sewing centers). Sewing machines, fabric, thread, and all other supplies are funded by Common Thread-India.

Many women in India lack the opportunity to learn skills such as sewing and are therefore put into undesirable circumstances as a result of their culture. These sewing centers provide a safe environment for women of all ages, some of whom are from abusive circumstances.

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Women standing in sewing center

After attending 15 days (90 hours) of classes the individuals are rewarded with a certificate of accomplishment which enables them to be in a preferred position for jobs. Many of the women are sewing for the orphanages, widows, and the poor in their churches as well as their families and their villages, at no charge.

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Solar-Powered Audio Bible
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While sewing, they are also exposed to the Gospel message. All of the sewing centers are associated with a church and each sewing machine has been supplied with a solar-powered audio-Bible, provided by Common Thread-India, in the Telegu language. Whether they are Hindu, Muslim, or Christian, God’s word is being heard.

Common Thread-India provides funding for building simple bathrooms for village families and churches. There are 13 bathrooms that have been completed with an additional 2 others nearing completion.

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Oakville Presbyterian Church is providing monthly ministerial support for two pastors and the monthly room rental fee for the Oakville Sewing Center in Hyderabad. Monthly support to assist four pastors and their families in their ministry is also provided by individual sponsors.

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At the outset of the coronavirus outbreak, Common Thread-India also provided funding to assist with the starvation crisis that was looming and the sewing of face masks for the people.

Common Thread-India is a non-profit organization formed in 2017 by God’s leading. We are committed to continue to follow God’s will and leading as we reach out to our brothers and sisters in Christ living in India, half a world away. We welcome any and all questions about the organization and its mission.

Your tax-deductible donation helps to support the mission of Common Thread-India by giving our brothers and sisters in India hope and opportunity to improve their lives. Please make your donation out to Common Thread – India and mail to:

Common Thread – India
C/O Jene and Carolyn Carl
769 S Grice Loop
Jefferson, OR 97352

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