The Missions Ministry Team is responsible for community, national, and global concerns and programs. The ministry team discusses and reviews matters affecting social, political and economic conditions; development of socially needed services; and makes recommendations through the annual budget process on benevolence spending.

The Mission Team sponsors Minute for Missions presentations regularly during the Sunday Worship Services. This provides an opportunity for the congregation to hear firsthand how the church’s mission budget is being put to work.

Special programs are offered throughout the year to the congregation, particularly when members of the congregation have taken part in missionary work.

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Calls for Action for Current Crisis Around the World

Israel & Gaza Conflict

War still rages between Israel and Hamas, with civilians on both sides caught in the middle. You can help send aid through supporting Samaritan’s Purse.

Close up of an Israeli flag
Folded hands over Ukrainian flag with the words ray for and Help Ukraine

Pray for and Help Ukraine

We continue to pray for Ukraine.
There are many ministries and organizations involved in bringing aid to the people of Ukraine. Here are some recommendations for where to donate.