A Community that follows Jesus,
creates disciples and serves God’s Kingdom.

Oakville Presbyterian Church

Oakville is a Christ-Centered Church, and we recognize that living our faith in Christ not only brings us eternal life, but also abundant life here and now. Through our worship Services, Church Family Ministry, and Bible Study Groups, we seek to better understand God’s word and apply it to our lives

Oakville is a Family Church and is an extended family with infants through seniors. Everyone is welcome and loved and feels a strong sense of fellowship and belonging. Family values are taught and lived out as we gather together as one big family.

Oakville is a Mission-Minded Church, and we follow God’s call to share not just our faith but all that we are (time, talents, and resources) with others. Oakville supports many mission causes, both locally and internationally.

Oakville is a Country Church sitting on a knoll in the middle of the grass fields. The church embodies the best of what the word “country” implies: a strong heritage, and core values. The atmosphere is down to earth, relational, friendly, hard working, and caring.

Oakville is an Historic Church. Oakville Church was started in 1850 by a few pioneer families in a log cabin school house/church known as the Willamette Congregation. There have been many changes over the years; however, the faith and pioneer spirit of those early families continue to shape who we are today.

If you are new to Christianity, looking for a new church home, or are just trying to figure it all out, Oakville has a rich heritage to share. Through worship services, family ministry, Bible studies, youth programs, outreach and mission activities, and just plain having a good time together, we will provide you with a bountiful church home, a place to come, belong, share, and serve. We would welcome your visit in person.

Warmly in Christ,

Pastor John