Worship Leader Instructions

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Thank you for volunteering to be Worship Leader!

Corporate worship is the most important thing we do as a church. The role of the Worship Leader is to help us direct our worship to God. The way we dress, the way we talk, and the content of what we say should all be directed to God and effort should be made to not distract us from God-centered worship.

Rather than actors performing on a stage with the congregation as the audience, those upfront are the “prompters” for the congregation to better direct their worship to God, who is the “audience.”

Following are some instructions intended to help you serve in this important role.

Before Sunday Morning

Review the bulletin prior to the worship service. A link to the bulletin is typically emailed to the congregation each week. [You can also arrive extra early Sunday morning and get a bulletin.]

Practice reading the Call to Worship and the Prayer of Confession (or the Affirmation of Faith, which sometimes replaces the Confession) slowly and expressively (preferably out loud), as you would in the service.

On Sunday Morning

  1. Arrive early and meet with Pastor John in the Fellowship Hall for prayer prior to the service, then enter the sanctuary with him and be seated on the platform.
  2. As the first hymn finishes, walk to the pulpit, adjust the mic slightly below your mouth, pause briefly, and say, “Please join me in the Call to Worship, printed in the bulletin.”
  3. Read the Call responsively with the congregation (reading both the “One” and “All” parts).
  4. Introduce the PRAYER OF CONFESSION (or “Affirmation of Faith”) in one of three ways:
    1. Simply say, “Please join me in the Prayer of Confession” (or “Affirmation of Faith”)
    2. Read one of the passages on the sheet in the pulpit entitled CALL TO CONFESSION
    3. ) Compose your own introduction ahead of time using the following guidelines:
      • Use a scripture passage similar to the pre-selected ones on the CALL TO CONFESSION sheet on the pulpit (and included in the Appendix) that focus on repentance or confessing our sins (for a Confession) or on the Christian faith (for an Affirmation of Faith).
      • Comment on one of the passages that speak about confession and repentance (for a Confession) or about the faith (for an Affirmation).
      • Comment on the general themes of confession and repentance (for a Confession) or the faith (for an Affirmation) – Biblical references are always helpful.
      • Comment on something in the Confession (or Affirmation) or that ties into the scripture passage that Sunday.
  5. Lead the congregation in the Confession (or Affirmation).
  6. Say, “Let us confess our personal sins in silence” and return to your seat on the platform.
  7. During the hymn after the ASSURANCE OF PARDON go down to your seat in the congregation.

Keep your transition brief (no more than two minutes)

It is not appropriate to use this time for personal stories, jokes, or reading or reflecting on other passages not related to confession and repentance or the faith.

Guest Speakers

Sometimes we may have a guest speaker who might not be familiar with our order of service. Feel free to offer guidance, answer questions, and assume a greater role in guiding the congregation in its worship time.

We sincerely thank you for your willingness to open your heart to God’s leading and to be used to help point people to Jesus.