Ushers play an important role in the life of a church. You are a spiritual ambassador for our church. Each usher serves as a “first representative” of Jesus Christ for our worship service. Your attitude and disposition towards others sets the tone for worship and response to the Word of God for those entering our sanctuary. Take a few moments at home to connect with God and ask Him to use you as a representative of His love and an agent of His redemptive plan.

Responsibilities of an Usher

Plan on arriving at church at least 20 minutes before the service starts in order to hand out bulletins and assist people to their seats.

  • Stand at the north and east entrances to the church.
  • Ring the church bell 15 minutes before the service starts
  • Greet people warmly and hand them a bulletin.
  • If needed, help people find a seat
  • During this COVID-19 pandemic, encourage members and guests to follow the precautions and protocols that are in place.

Be engaged, observant, and attentive during the entire service. Take the initiative to assist someone, answer their questions, or otherwise welcome them as the situation arises.

After the first hymn has been sung, Ushers may go to their seats but should continue to keep an eye out for latecomers (especially visitors), who might need encouragement or assistance. The single pew seats just inside the doors at the back of the sanctuary are a good place to sit and observe what’s going on.

Usher Assignments for 2021

Please note: If you cannot fulfill your assignment, it is your responsibility to arrange for someone else to cover your Sunday. You may consider swapping dates with another Usher.