The sacrament of Communion is instituted by Jesus Christ in Luke 22 as a “gathering” in which Jesus offers Himself to all of the disciples at once. This is why we celebrate together as a congregation.

The Lord’s Supper is an act of worship taking the form of a ceremonial meal, in which Christ’s servants share bread and wine (or grape juice) to commemorate His death and celebrate the new covenant relationship that they enjoy with God.

The tasks of those who volunteer to assist with the preparation for communion in the Sunday morning worship service is as follows:

  • Bake the communion bread.
  • Purchase the juice and the loaf of break the Pastor will break during the communion service.
  • Prepare the bread and juice on Sunday morning before the worship service begins
  • Place the break and juice on the communion trays and put them on the tables in the sanctuary. During the COVID-19 pandemic, additional tables may be set up in the Fellowship Hall and outside.
  • Gather, clean and sterilize, and put away the cups, trays, and plates after the service has ended.

These tasks are generally shared among two or three preparers so that no one person is responsible for everything.