What do flowers symbolize?

Flowers in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings actually serve an import role in our worship time together. They are not merely ornamental decorations but are designed to add beauty and warmth to our weekly gatherings. They encourage us to reflect on the new life given to us by Jesus Christ. They may serve as reminders of a blessing received, a celebration of a new marriage, the honor of a loved one recently passed, the passing of another birthday or anniversary.

Throughout history, flowers have represented various aspect of the Christian faith. For example, white lilies, also known as Easter Lilies, are considered to be a representation of Christ’s purity and divinity. They might also represent Christ’s miraculous conception and His resurrection. Red roses stand for love or as a sign of Christ’s blood.

How you can participate

Every Sunday, volunteers provide a flower bouquet for the sanctuary. Members and regular participants in our worship service are encouraged to arrange for flowers on a regular basis.

Here are some guidelines for bringing flowers

  • Flowers need to be in the sanctuary before the service starts.
  • You are encouraged to bring fresh flowers and not artificial flowers
  • Flowers do not have to be from a florist. You can create your own arrangements.
  • The cost of flowers is born by the provider of the flowers.
  • You can provide your own vases. The church has a few vases available.
  • Contact the church office to schedule a date to provide flowers or sign-up in the Fellowship Hall.