Oakville’s annual Vacation Bible School is a beloved community tradition!

It draws in children from many communities around the Oakville area.

A variety of activities are offered throughout the week, including music,

snacks, games, skits, Bible lessons and much more.

 Information about

Oakville VBS 2020 will be coming soon here on our website and facebook page!!

Oakville Presbyterian Church Vacation Bible School 2019

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I (parent or guardian of the above named child), hereby give my permission for his/her participation in the Vacation Bible School sponsored by Oakville Presbyterian Church. I agree that in the event my child is injured as a result of his/her participation in the VBS program, or any of its agents or employees, recourse for the payment of any resulting hospital, medical or related costs will be had against any accident, hospital or medical insurance, or any available benefit plan of mine or my spouse.