The Facilities Ministry Team oversees the maintenance and repair of the physical buildings and grounds of Oakville Presbyterian Church. The ministry team welcomes participation by members with knowledge or expertise in building and grounds management and maintenance. Volunteers are also recruited on a seasonal basis for the fall and spring clean-up.

The summer of 2013 began the long process of refinishing the church. The siding was taken off and replaced. The picture to the left was taken in July 2013 – the primer coat has been added. The church will be painted white soon.

The front siding and door will be the next phase.

Former Projects

In 2003 we launched a building campaign consisting of three phases. The congregation voted to not begin each phase until at least 90% of the cost to complete the phase was either in the bank or pledged.

Phase One was completed in 2005 which doubled the size of the Fellowship Hall, and created new office space and a “Living Room” below the addition, for youth and other groups to gather.

Phase Two was completed in 2006 by expanding and renovating the interior of the sanctuary.

Phase III involved two stages. In spring of 2010, work began on office space to the south of the Fellowship Hall, while new, larger bathrooms were added between the sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall.

The final phase involved removing the bathrooms by the kitchen and expanding the kitchen significantly. This work was completed in spring 2011 and included the addition of commercial style appliances. The new kitchen was dedicated on March 20, 2011. For a full report on the completion of Phase III, see the Aug./Sept. 2011 issue of the church newsletter.

We are extremely grateful to all those who have given so generously to make these plans a reality. We are enjoying the expanded and renovated space.